Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black Friday ALERT: Target's Black Friday Ad!!!


I took a break and did the dinner thing and then Jenna had to use the laptop for a confirmation essay, so I hung out with Jackson and watched Blue's Clues. Then got him ready for bed.

I come back to see that Target's Black Friday 2010 Ad is posted! OH YEAH!
I have NO idea what is all in it, but I am HOPING I won't be disappointed!

OK...off to go check it all out!!!! I am so giddy!! :)

You guys see anything you're kinda excited about???

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  1. Let's see...The iPod touch price is good...cuz of the $30 gift card. My girls have the 3rd gen iPod touch and REALLY want the new one. But they will have to sell their old ones first :)
    The Batman Lego DS game is a good deal...
    $25 iTunes gift card for $20? Nice...since these NEVER go on sale.
    300 ct. LED Philips lights, may have to get these.
    $199 KitchenAid mixer...NICE deal!
    I DO need a new griddle and that one they have for $19 looks just about right :)
    Ohhhhh! I want a Dyson. SO. BAD.
    AND finally, Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeekquel on Blu-Ray.

    The toy prices really didn't blow me away. Maybe it's because none of the items are on my shopping list.
    AND remember! If you don't plan on spending $100 or more at Target to justify getting the $10 GC, then take the ad to Walmart on Black Friday because they will price match! :)


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