how to and stuff

This section is just to let you into my mind a little :)

I always buy 4 copies of the Sunday paper.
Because to take advantage of some of the great deals, it is great to have multiple coupons!

My local paper is the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

For stores that put out their OWN store coupons, you can use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon together for the same item. Example: I have 1 Target coupon for .50 off Clorox Wipes and 1 Manufacturer Coupon for $1.00 off clorox wipes. I can use them both together on 1 Clorox wipes to get $1.50 off!
Locally, the only stores that I know of that put out their OWN store coupons are: Target, Festival Foods, Copps, Dollar General and Family Dollar.

Once in awhile, Festival Foods will put out a $1 off coupon for their Sunday Hot Ham, in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.
It is in a random spot throughout the paper, so you will have to "hunt" for it :)

Internet Coupons are wonderful! They are also a privilege to use. Please do not use them fraudulently by copying them or using them past their expiry date. If you do, this will cause ALL stores in our area to NOT accept Internet Printable Coupons. AND THAT, would be very devastating to Saving GREEN in the BAY!
Two of our local stores, Festival Foods AND Copp's DO NOT accept internet coupons that are for FREE items, even if they are buy one get one coupons, they do not accept them. Wal-Mart DOES accept these, as of August 2010, only if they scan. If they will not scan, they will not accept them.

If you don't have a Facebook account, I highly recommend it! Even if you don't want to reconnect with others, that's just fine! You don't ever have to keep it up to date and you don't have to add any pictures.
BUT I ask that you to get one because A LOT of companies (ex. kraft, nabisco, clorox, etc...) have WONDERFUL and very hard to find coupons that you can print out from their Facebook pages.


Q = Coupon
MQ = Manufacturer Coupon
TQ = Target Coupon
WAGS = Walgreens
B1G1 = Buy One Get One
BOGO = Buy One Get One
IQ = Internet Coupon
IP = Internet Printable
IE = Internet Explorer
FF = Fire Fox
FB = Facebook
HTF = Hard To Find
RR = Register Rewards
EB = Extra Bucks
MM = Money Maker
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary (meaning...your local store MIGHT not have this deal)
RP = Red Plum
P&G = Procter & Gamble
SS = SmartSource
DND = Do Not Double
DND5 = Coupons says "Do Not Double" but starts with the # 5 (registers will automatically double this coupon)
DND9= Coupons says "Do Not Double" and starts with the # 9 (registers WILL NOT double this coupon)
OYNO = On Your Next Order
Cat or Catalina = a Catalina is a coupon that will print with your receipt, either on the bottom of your receipt or on a separate "Catalina" Machine.

Stock Up Prices  WORK IN PROGRESS!!!

This is just a little list that I go by for what price is a good stock-up price for a certain item.
You don't have to use my chart, you can make your own, once you become familiar with the sales and coupons that are available to you :)

Cereal, General Mills, Kellogg's, Post, Quaker = $1.00 or less per box
Chunky/Progresso Soups = $1.00 or less per can
Campbell's Condensed Soupons = 40¢ or less per can
Toilet Paper/Bath Tissue = 50¢ or less per roll
Shampoo/Conditioner, Pantene, Herbal Essences, Garnier = $1.00 or less per bottle
Laundry Soap = $3.00 or less per 26+ load bottle
(any time that the larger bottles of Tide are on sale for $9.99 at Target and there are $1.00 off or more MQs and Target Qs to stack, this also makes a great stock-up price on the larger bottles)
Diapers, Pampers, Huggies = $4.99 or less per Jumbo pack
Baby Wipes = $1.50 or less per 64+ wipe container