Friday, December 17, 2010

*DEAD DEAL* HOT HOT HOT! Playstation 3 $298 PLUS $100 Amazon Credit!

Don't want to wait for the Walmart Playstation 3 deal tonight?

Right now, you can grab the 160 GB Playstation 3 for $298 on Amazon AND you will receive a $100 Amazon credit to use on ANYTHING sold by Amazon!

AND if you live in the 45 states that Amazon DOES NOT charge tax in, then you can save EVEN MORE money!! And it ships FREE w/your Prime account!

The certificate code will be sent to you within 2 days after your purchase.


  1. I mentioned it last month on the blog, but Amazon doesn't charge tax but we, as customers, are required by law to report any unpaid sales tax on out-of-state purchases on our income taxes every year.

    Also bummed the Amazon PS3 doesn't include a game but the WalMart one does--Walmart wins this round for me. :-)

  2. The Walmart one didn't include a game. Not the one in-store, that is.

  3. And as for the sales tax thing, I guess I am a bit if I am visiting out of state and buy a shirt or candy bar or something, and that state and/or county does not charge sales tax, I have to save that receipt and put it on my taxes?


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