Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hello Everyone! If you are wondering where the heck I have been...I have been over at my NEW site...

It is the SAME site...SAME content and everything...but completely REDESIGNED!

Please hop on over to the NEW site and check it out!
There are a few tweaks I need to work out, but for the most is finished :)
I will be adding a NICE Coupon Database VERY SOON.

If you are a fan on Facebook and follow my tweets, you don't need to do anything. Everything is still the same over with those sites :)

When the WHOLE site is exactly up to snuff...exactly how I want it...
we will be having a pretty nice Giveaway for all of my loyal readers!

I will NO LONGER BE posting on this one, so please add the new site to your bookmarks :)

Thank you SO much for following Saving Green in the Bay!

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