This will be my 'media' page. And, right now, it is kinda' under construction :)

What will you be able to find here?
When I make TV appearances, I will post them on this page AND I hope to SOON have some youtube instructional videos, as well!

Yes, there are a bunch of instructional/tutorial type couponing videos on youtube already and you are free to go and check them out (I do...ALL THE TIME! lol) but I hope that I can put my own spin on the "how-to" videos and share them with you...soon :)

For now, we just have ONE media video for you.
It was my FIRST (and only...for now) television appearance on WFRV Channel 5 with Erin Davisson.

Online with Erin: Mommy Bloggers
Original Air Date December 7, 2010

This was taped a couple weeks BEFORE it aired on TV...and the weekend after it was filmed, I got new glasses and my hair I look NOTHING like that anymore! :)
(I am the one with the long blond/light brown hair, black shirt)

My segment got MEGA chopped :(
I was bummed. I had SO much to say, SO much AWESOME advice about helping people with low incomes, donating your excess, etc...

I am in the process of working on FREE Coupon Classes and Coupon Parties, so you will be able to hear about all of the great content that was cut out of the story.