Friday, December 17, 2010

*DEAD DEAL* HOT HOT HOT! NEW Buy 1 Get 1 Coca-Cola 2 liter Coupon from RecycleBank

Just go and sign up for Recycle Bank!
Right now, you can get a  Buy One, Get One Free Coke 2-liter coupon for only one point today, from RecycleBank.
The regular points to redeem on this deal is it is likely that these will SELL OUT FAST!
Here is how to sign up for Recycle Bank and get in on this deal!
  • Sign up for a Recycle Bank account (or log into your account). If you are new, you will receive 25 points into your new account.
  • Click on the 'Hot Deals' tab on the left side of the screen
  • Add the Buy One, Get One Free Coke 2-liter coupon to your cart and checkout.
 *The Coke coupon is limited to one per day
and I believe it has a limit of 2 per account

There are also a few other GREAT offers!
$5 off eBay certificate code *SOLD OUT*
$15 off an FTD Christmas Centerpiece or $10 off anything at FTD
$2 off Green Works Glass Cleaner
$10 off $50 at Staples

Thank you to Money Saving Mom for this deal!

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  1. I'm so bummed, but I triedwith all my recycling heart to get Recycle Bank off the ground in my neighborhood. No go. We use/share the same recycling contract with surrounding cities and one city won't budge on it. Darn you Kaukauna!! I guess it's just not in their budget. Hello?! It's recycling. I wasn't asking to install heated sidewalks so I don't have to shovel. Geesh. ;)



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