Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HOT SAVINGS on LeapFrog Tag Books next week??

I just saw an awesome Target deal for next week!
I am sure this will be part of their PRE-Black Friday sales, since the ad is only good for 11/21 - 11/24.
They are showing the Leap Frog Tag Reader Books for $9.99 AND BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!!
THIS is an unbelievably CHEAP deal...especially if you match it up with the $5 Leap Frog Tag Book Coupon! 
(you will need to watch a short video on a car to get the coupon)

*UPDATE* The $5 coupon seems to be out of prints, so you can print more if you follow these instructions...

If you belong to or sign up for Tropicana Juicy Rewards – they are offering coupons for the following LeapFrog Tag books:
$5 off two Tag or Tag Jr. books over $7 – (Costs 1 point)

If you are not familiar, Tropicana Juicy Rewards is a way to earn points and get rewarded for purchasing Tropicana Orange Juice products. But, if you haven’t registered yet, you can sign up here and get 1 point for taking the survey after registration. You can also enter the code FBOOK-TROPI for an additional point. This code must be entered within 6 hours of registering. 

Thanks to Totally Target

There is also a $3 off Leap Frog Tag Book Coupon so you are able to get additional books for $3.49 each :)
You may need to sign up for a Leap Frog account to access the coupon.

We just gave our 4 year old son the Toy Story 3 Leap Frog Tag Reader for his birthday and he LOVES it!
I cannot wait to get him more books next week!!

Thanks to My Frugal Adventures for these awesome savings!

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