Wednesday, December 15, 2010

50% off Swiffer Cleaning products at and FREE shipping w/$25 or more!

I wasn't going to post this until I saw the AWESOME sale prices on this stuff! AND I am a BIG Swiffer sounded kina' funny...LOL :)

ANYWAY... has 50% off Swiffer Cleaning Products right now, with discount code FBSWIFFER if you enter that under promotions.

So, I guess I will be making a purchase! :)
Pretty good deals with that 50% off!
BUT there is a max. discount of $10...but still some REALLY good deals!

OR, if you aren't looking for Swiffer stuff, you can use discount/promotion code MJPL7271 to save 15% off your order :)
And shipping is ALWAYS FREE for purchases $25 and over! AND that is BEFORE discounts!!! :)

I just got 72 Swiffer Wet Refills for only $17.27 SHIPPED! 
At Walmart, these would have cost me over $25!

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