Thursday, December 9, 2010

Disney's Handy Manny or Tangled (Rapunzel) 6 Volt Battery Quad Ride On ONLY $29.97 SHIPPED!

Right now, has these AWESOME Rechargeable ride-on's (like Power Wheels), super SUPER CHEAP!

Go grab your Handy Manny 6 Volt Quad Ride On or the Tangled 6 Volt Quad Ride On for ONLY $29.97 SHIPPED!

Jackson got one of these from my brother and sister in law when he was only 2 (a Spiderman one...) and had it mastered within weeks :)
It comes with the rechargeable battery and the recharge cords. It really is a FANTASTIC DEAL :)

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  1. I totally want to get my toddler (he's just turned 2) one of these! We were just worried that he would outgrow it before he could ride it outside too. But for this price I guess he could zoom around the house. :)



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