Thursday, December 9, 2010

FREE Champion Women's Stride Fitness Sandals at!

Yea. I couldn't believe it either! :)

Make sure you follow THESE Steps to get your FREE Sandals!
  • Head over and add the Women's Champion Stride Fitness Sandals for $10 to your cart
  • Then go find a CHEAP Filler item...or just get this reusable bag for $1.99
  • Add them BOTH to your cart
  • At checkout, enter code 40775 which will give you $10.00 off any Champion Stride Sandal purchase
  • Be sure to choose 'Ship to Local Payless Store for FREE' to have it shipped FREE
  • Checkout...and your total will be just $1.99 plus tax for the Bag!! :)
Not too bad of a deal, huh??

I hope it works for all of you!!! :)


  1. they are showing up as $24.99 on my screen not $10.00, so this isn't workin for me. Appreciate the heads up though, just wish it would have worked.

  2. Actually.... pink/white are the only ones at show $10, the black/white still show $24.99. The site keeps crashing so I give up.

  3. I feel your pain :(
    I wasn't able to sit here and wait for the site to NOT crash, either. I DID have the pink/black sandals and the bag in my cart...but could never complete the order!!!
    I guess that's what we get when we uncover such a HOT deal!!!
    OH well, ya win some, ya lose some :(


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