Wednesday, December 15, 2010

*DEAD DEAL* Fresh Saver Hand Held Vacuum Sealing System ONLY $3.60 SHIPPED from FoodSaver!

IF you were able to get in on this deal, I HOPE HOPE HOPE they don't cancel our orders...they SHOULDN'T, because they already charged my card! :)

I have sooooooo wanted one of these and now I can get one...because they are so dang CHEAP! :)

You can get your OWN FoodSaver FreshSaver Hand Held Vacuum Sealing System for ONLY $3.60!

Just follow these steps :)
  • add the FreshSaver Hand Held to your cart
  • checkout with discount code J0FV85FS, this will bring your total down to $3.60 and ship it FREE!
  • Pay for your order and it will be sent to your door :)
*Underneath your order on the checkout screen, it will show your FREE shipping promotion, just click on 'edit' to put in your discount code*

Included with your order you will receive:
  • 1x FoodSaver FreshSaver Appliance
  • 4x Quart Vacuum Zipper Bags


  1. hey girlie, this is now showing up as an error - i ordered two, i hope they don't cancel! :(

  2. Thanks for the heads up, babe...I will make the deal "dead" :)


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