Friday, December 10, 2010

I love Toys R Us...more than I thought! :) PLUS probable AWESOME Deal on the 2010 Imaginarium Train Table w/Roundhouse Train Set :)

Every year for Christmas, we buy each of our kids a "bigger" type gift and then a few smaller things. Well, this year, Jackson is getting a Train Table.
No. Not the Thomas doesn't have drawers for storage, so that was a deciding factor AGAINST the Thomas brand one.
I found one at Toys R Us that was just PERFECT.
It's the Imaginarium 2010 Classic Train Table with Roundhouse Wooden Train Set. 
It is $159.99. Yea. I know...YIKES. 
BUT it comes with the whole track set and trains and EVERYTHING needed to make a complete little city. PLUS thru Christmas, you get 10% back with your Toys R Us Rewards card.
That 10% will come back to you in the form of a Toys R Us rewards certificate to use on a purchase at Toys R Us.

I also had to finish up some toy shopping for a few kids that we are buying for from our church, so I got the Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Playset - Colin in "The Party Surprise" that is on sale for $9.99, a Christmas stocking chuck FULL of various trading card packs for $9.99 and an American Girl "look-a-like" doll, Journey Girls 18" doll for $19.99.
SO I head up to the check outs and oh...I also had a $10 off $100 or more coupon from a home I hand the cashier that and she rings up my total....


OK. The train table was $160.00. HOW IN THE WORLD is my total only $158.21??
But I wasn't going to argue, so I paid and packed up the van and took out my receipt.
For some odd reason, it gave me $40.00 off the train table!!! This is what it says, under where the train table's price is...

SO, I am guessing that the train table w/roundhouse train set is actually on sale for $129.99 in store.
I am guessing. DO NOT quote me on it! If you want or need this, I would suggest calling your Toys R Us, or call the one on West Mason in GB...their phone # is 494-1774.

$129.99 is ONE HECKUVA DEAL for this sucker! And I know one little boy that is going to be just BEAMING with smiles Christmas morning :)

(...and one Momma who is greatful for Toys R Us for having this on sale!!)


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