Tuesday, January 25, 2011

*UPDATE* Double Coke Points TODAY ONLY at My Coke Rewards!

*It seems that only regular Coca-Cola points are doubling and NOT Diet Coke -- Thanks New Mommiez Blend for the head's up!

I have a couple friends who SWEAR by this program. I haven't tried it, although I should since I guess you get some PRETTY good FREE stuff, including coupons for FREE products!

 Today only, January 25, you can get DOUBLE the points in the My Coke Rewards program.
If you enter a 12 pack product code, you get 20 points.
If you enter a 24 pack product code, you get 40 points.
Individual bottles?...6 points!

Thanks Penny Pinchin' Mom!

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  1. Just wanted to note that I entered a Diet Coke code and it didn't double. I entered a regular Coke code and it did. I looked into this a little more and found others got the same results.


  2. ooooo! Thanks for the head's up...I am going to go ahead and update :)


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