Friday, February 11, 2011

Did you take part in the Kemp's Green Bay Packer Ice Cream coupon promo???

I just received an email from Kemps stating that they would like to send me a $2.00 coupon off ANY Kemp's product for the difficulty I may have had in redeeming their FREE Green Bay Packers Singles Ice Cream coupon. They had the coupon available for one day only, on Facebook, after the Packer's won the Super Bowl.
The coupon was only valid for 2/7/11 and there are a few stores in our area that do NOT accept FREE or B1G1 FREE printable internet coupons. Copp's and Festival foods are among these stores.
Festival Foods WAS honoring the coupon on that day as a special request from Kemps.

So, if you were among the TONS of people who just were not able to redeem the FREE coupon because of a store's policies, then watch your emails for the information on requesting your $2.00 Kemps coupon :)

My hats off to Kemps for making this right :)
Thank you!

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