Saturday, February 12, 2011

No more $1.00 Sunday Papers for Dollar Tree :(

Yup. You read the title correctly :(

I went to the Dollar Tree in the Green Bay Plaza (you know...right by Old Country Buffet on the corner of Mason and Military) last Sunday and saw NO Green Bay Press Gazette papers ANYWHERE. Now, I thought this odd because there are usually HUGE stacks in shopping carts RIGHT when you walk in.
So, I asked the cashier about them and she said that the Green Bay Press Gazette requested that they do not sell the Sunday papers at Dollar Tree anymore. I didn't really want to press the issue and ask why because she seemed kind of upset about it or something...???

Well, that just stinks. I thought it was AWESOME to get the Sunday Paper for only $1.00.  Especially since I buy 4-5 at a time!
Does anyone else know where we can get the Green Bay Press Gazette Sunday issue for less than the $1.75 price??? I know, I could subscribe...but they don't offer any discounts for SUNDAY ONLY. AND they don't even offer ANY type of discount for multiple Sunday papers :(
I contacted them back in October/November and they shot me down :(

I guess I won't be buying any more multiple copies. I will just buy my one and then buy whole inserts from clipping services. There is one lady who sells them...she charges around $12.00 shipped for 10 of each insert every week. SO, on a "normal" week, that is 20 inserts for $12...which is a KILLER DEAL!
OH, she also said I could share her email with any of my readers...SO, if you are interested in getting on her email list, PLEASE email me: and I will get her email to you! :)

And maybe...just maybe the Green Bay Press Gazette will soon learn that their business would BOOM if they offered SUNDAY ONLY delivery...AND multiple copy discounts!!!

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