Wednesday, March 30, 2011

*HOT* *NEW* ConAgra Foods Coupons! Peter Pan PB, Banquet Meals, Chef Boyardee and MORE! PLUS a little insight to Feeding America :)

ConAgra is a Feeding America partner and they help provide millions of meals to local Feeding America food banks.

I am so very happy to be a volunteer for my church's pantry who is a part of Feeding America. It really is a WONDERFUL program! In fact, today is a Feeding American pick-up for my pantry. I was supposed to go and help out with it, but this darn cough and chest congestion is making it impossible to catch my breath sometimes :(

AND picking up SUPER HEAVY boxes of meats from Feeding America wouldn't be a good idea for me, right now. I am so upset that I can't help out. I got such a RUSH out of helping last time, it was just an amazing experience! Everyone at the Feeding America pick-up were so helpful and kind. Our local food pantries really couldn't ask for a more nicer group of people to represent our pantries!

All that said, buying ConAgra foods products REALLY DOES HELP your local food pantry. Trust me. I have seen the help it brings and it is BEAUTIFUL :)

NOW, you guys want some coupons??
Here ya go!
  • Head on over to the Child Hunger Ends Here site
  • Enter a purchase code from a specially marked package of ConAgra Foods (or just enter code 63829897) Every time you enter that (or other) code(s), you help Feeding America.
  • Click on the coupon you would like to print
  • If you want to print more than one, you will need to click on the link again, enter the code and print again :)
Here is a list of available coupons:

$0.50/1 Jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter
$1/2 Healthy Choice Frozen Meals
$0.50/2 Banquet Frozen Meals
$1/2 Healthy Choice Soups
$1/2 Fresh Mixers
$1/2 Marie Callender’s Frozen Meals
$1/2 Kid Cuisine Frozen Meals
$0.50/3 Chef Boyardee Products

{Thanks One Frugal Chick}
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