Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday :)

Every Wordless Wednesday, I am going to TRY to share pics of my kiddos :)
I LOVE them SO SOOOOO much and want to share their pics with my awesome readers!
My girls would say that I probably love them TOO much...but they are teenagers, so OF COURSE they are going to think :)

AND if you aren't familiar with "Wordless Wednesday", it is a nice little blog post that most mommy bloggers partake just post a picture and the picture is supposed to "speak for itself"...well, I like to talk, so I will be adding a little commentary..LOL :)

This week's pic is one of my FAVORITE pics of my little guy, Jackson :)

I took this ALMOST a year ago.
I wanted to share it because my poor little man is about to have dental surgery, tomorrow, at a local hospital and I am just lovin' on him like CRAZY today! I know, I's ONLY dental stuff, but he's my

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  1. Awe! What a smile. :) I wish my hubby would let me share family moments online, but he's all into privacy and blah blah blah. JK. I understand, but get a little jealous now and then. Good luck with the dental surgery.



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