Monday, May 9, 2011

Couponing for Community has begun! How YOU can help and WIN!

It's Finally here!
Couponing for Community is NOW in full swing!

I was reminded about it as we received our 'Stamp out Hunger' Postal Worker food drive bag in the mail today.

It is SO easy to give your excess. Especially when you coupon!
For me, my coupons ARE my money. Just think about it. They help you SAVE money on the things you buy anyway! They are SO worth the few minutes of clipping!

This year, the Couponing for Community goal is 10,000 items donated.
We are already at about 4,000 items and it's only Day #2!!! Can you believe it???
The generosity of us couponers is AMAZING! Let's keep up the good work!

For my readers, why not take a pic of your donation and send it to me!?
Hopefully, if I get enough donation photos, I can offer up a nice gift card as a prize to a random donator! :)
And it would be nice to see how many giving people we have here, on Saving Green in the Bay!
If you would like to send your photo of your donation, please send it to and put C4C Donation in the subject.
With your picture, please include your name, email, and how many items you will be donating to your local pantry or church.
AND be sure to enter in your donation numbers at the Couponing for Community Facebook page ticker!

Let's all come together this week to REALLY put our coupon skills to the test for those less fortunate :)

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