Sunday, May 29, 2011

Get out and enjoy your family :)

We have been blessed with such a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, haven't we? Thanks to God and our wonderful Armed Forces and retired :)

What are you all doing to celebrate this wonderful Holiday with your family?

I have been outside, A TON, and enjoying the blooming flowers and plants all over my yard.
Not quite sure what these fellas are called, but they fill up the BIG Barrel planters in my front yard pretty well :)

We have been pretty busy around here.
We are just LOVING the great weather; running around outside, setting up our new pool, building our new deck...and tomorrow we are having a cookout!
Looks like the weather WILL cooperate, so the day should turn out to be pretty much perfect :)
OH...and it looks like it might be our first 80+ degree day this year! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!
Too bad that our pool won't be all set and ready to go...well, it would be but it will be fuh-fuh-fuh-FREEEEEZING! 9,000 gallons of COLD water doesn't heat up as fast as we want it to...LOL.

I just wanted to share some pics of my family with you all, just to let you know what/who I am spending a lot MORE of my time on lately :)
I love them to pieces :)

Here is my little guy, playing on the swing set.
He SOOO loves to be outside. He spends his days running around the yard...and when that tires him out, he jumps in his Gator and takes off!

My oldest daughter and my husband working hard on building the deck.
Yea. She just LOVES having her picture
Is that what iPods are for? Hiding your face from the camera??? :)

My beautiful middle child...sooooo ready for summer!

I hope you all are getting out there and enjoying your family, your yard, your neighbor's yard, the park or wherever (LOL) AND this nice weather.
It is kinda' funny once you think of it. Soon it will be so steaming hot that we won't want to be outside...then we will be all cooped up in our air conditioning!
BUT, I know, NOW, I will be out and about...enjoying the weather until it becomes too hot to handle :)

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

OH and PS--yes, I will be getting the Festival Foods match-ups today :)

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