Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Copp's/Pick N Save Coupon Policy

Roundy’s general coupon policies are as follows:
Internet printed coupons. Coupons printed from the internet must be legitimate, printed in color or black and white and have the following:
  • “Manufacturer coupon” printed on coupon
  • Bar-scan code
  • Current expiration date
  • Website where printed from must be on coupon
Manufacturer’s coupons for purchased products only. Manufacturer’s coupons will only be accepted for purchased products. Items received for free through store promotions (“meal deal” or “buy one, get one free”) are not considered purchased products; therefore, manufacturer’s coupons can not be used for these products. 

Maximum value of coupons. Coupons are accepted only for products of equal or greater value; they do not give cash back on coupons. Sales tax is paid by the customer at full retail. 

Free product coupons. Free or “buy one, get one free” product coupons printed from the internet will not be accepted at Roundy’s stores; free or “buy one, get one free” product coupons from the newspaper or directly from the manufacturer (ex. sent to you thru the mail) will be accepted. 

Maximum value of internet printed coupons. There is no limit on the value of an internet printed coupon. 

Right of refusal. The store has the right to refuse any coupon printed from the internet at any time. 

Stacking store coupons with manufacturer-issued coupons. A store coupon can be redeemed with a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item.

Doubled Coupon Policies

Roundy’s stores doubles coupons (a “doubled coupon” means that a $1 off coupon is equal to $2 off)

Weekly. Every Wednesday – even when it is not explicitly advertised in the paper. And NOW every Saturday thru July 9, 2011

$25 threshold. Roundy’s formal corporate policy is that the sale price value of the groceries in your transaction must be at least $25 for your coupons to be eligible for doubling. However, the registers are currently programmed (as of March 18, 2010) to double coupons when the shelf price (the highest price listed on the shelf tag, which is usually the full, pre-sale price) before coupons is $25. If you plan your transactions using the shelf price versus the sale price, you do so at your own risk that the registers have been modified to align with their formal corporate policy.

Only five. Up to 5 manufacturer’s coupons can be doubled per transaction. Once in awhile, Copp's will run the Double Double Daze promotion, which means 10 MQ's can be doubled per transaction!!

It’s automatic. The registers automatically double the face value of the first five eligible coupons scanned if your groceries meet the $25 threshold. All that to say, the cashier does not push a button or manually “approve” you to have doubled coupons. The register just does it.

The first five. The first 5 eligible coupons scanned will double – that means you should hand the clerk your 5 highest value coupons first.

Up to $1. Only coupons valued at less or equal to $1 off will be doubled.

Exceptions. “Buy one, get one free” and “try me free” coupons are not eligible for doubling.

Thanks to Pocket your Dollars!

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