Thursday, September 30, 2010

FREE Stuff at Walgreens next week :) *no longer available*

I was looking through one of my favorite deal sites for Walgreens, and saw the ad that is coming out this Sunday.

Here is what I found:

You can get Nivea Lip Care for FREE!
It is on sale at Walgreen's starting Sunday (10/03) for only $1!
How will YOU get it for free?
Well, there is a coupon scheduled to be in this Sunday's inserts for $1 off of 1 and $2 off of 2!

My daughter gets BAD chapped lips in the winter, so we have a TON of this stuff everywhere at home. It's pretty much a necessity! AND the Nivea lip care is THE best...according to her :)

Here is another great Lip Balm deal...FREE!

EOS Lip Balm is on sale for $3, but you will get a $3 RR at checkout!

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