Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lots of deals to be had...ya just gotta know where to find them!!

...and I am so glad to say that I know how to find them!
But I could never find any local deals!!
Well, NOW I do! Right here with Saving GREEN in the BAY!

There are SO many money-saving/couponing blogs that I follow and all of them have local deals for THEIR local stores. I could never take advantage of those deals, because they were local only. and a good friend of mine thought, Hey, since I could never find anyone through searching on google that has a blog in the Green Bay area for couponing, etc...why don't I just do it??

I have saved THOUSANDS with couponing, these past 12 months.
I only started hard-core couponing last year...and I have donated lots to my church's pantry and to my own family; brothers, sisters and friends.
This is a wonderful gift, to be able to give to those who appreciate it :)
And I hope, with reading this blog and taking advantage of all the deals, you too will be able to stock up on lots of cheap and free stuff for you and your family :)

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