Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coupon Buying Website :)

Do you ever get frustrated when a coupon match-up is posted and your Sunday Paper inserts DO NOT have that particular coupon? Ugh...I sure do!
Why not head on over to Manufacturer's Coupons Coupon Clipping Service and search for your coupons?

I know, I know. You want me to BUY coupons? Really?

But if you think about it...if you find out about a GREAT deal ahead of time, you can purchase a BUNCH of the SAME coupon so you will be ready to take advantage of that HOT deal!

Let's say that you found a GREAT deal at your local store for Wisk Detergent, but you only bought 1 Sunday Paper and now you only have ONE of that coupon. Sunday has come and gone and you can't buy that paper you can head on over to Manufacturer's Coupons Clipping Serivce and buy a Wisk Detergent coupon for 8¢ each!

Lots of weekly deals (CVS, Walgreens) come out weeks ahead of time on IHeartCVS and IHeartWags, so you can find out which coupons you need more of to take advantage of the HOT deals! :)

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