Saturday, October 2, 2010

CVS: How to make Extra Bucks (EB's) work for you!

Are you new to the CVS ExtraBucks Program?
Well, I have put a few helpful hints together for you :)

  • To take advantage of all of the sales or Extra Buck (EB) promotions, you will need a CVS ExtraCare Card. All you need to do is ask your cashier for an application, fill it out and VOILA! She/He will hand you your card, on the spot, for FREE.
  • You will always want to have your card handy since they will need to scan it before every transaction.
Now, you are all set to earn your ExtraBucks!
  • Make sure you have a plan of action before you leave for CVS. I always make a list of what I want to spend my current EB's on and how much the item(s) will cost, how many transactions I will have to make and how many EB's I will earn...oh and of course what coupons I will be using.

  • When you begin to EB shop with CVS, you will have an initial OOP expense of at least $10. But trust will be the BEST $10 that you will spend! :)

  • You ALWAYS want to have has little OOP expense as possible.

  • Treat EB's as you would cash. That is pretty much what they are...CVS "cash". You can buy pretty much ANYTHING at CVS with your EB's. (except prescriptions, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, etc...)

  • When you buy something that says "buy AA, receive $BB in ExtraBucks", (you will see these items in the weekly ads or on the shelf) you will earn EB's and they will print at the end of your receipt.

  • Most of the time CVS limits the amount of product that you can buy and earn EB's on. Your limits will print out on your receipt. If you have reached the limit of items that you can buy and earn EB's in that sale period, it will say **offer limit reached**, on your receipt.

  • To earn some EB's, you will need to spend a certain amount on the items included in the EB promotion. For example, one week CVS might has this sale: "Spend $10 on Nivea products, get $5 EB's". Let's say that Nivea boday wash is $5 and you want to buy 2 of them. AND you also have 2 $2 off MQ's to use on this transaction...and that would bring your total down to $ you may think you aren't eligible for the EB deal. But you are wrong! The total for the EB's to print is BEFORE coupons...which is wonderful news because NOW you are only paying $6 OOP and you will earn $5 back in EB's. Making the Nivea body washes only .50 each after EB's!!!

  • ExtraBucks (EB's) expire 4 weeks from the date of earning them. So be sure to use them before they expire! If you don't see any good EB deals in the future ads, that's OK. Just use the EB's on other items you need. You don't HAVE to "roll" your EB's into earning MORE EB's. This is just the way I, and many others, like to do it since it's absolutely FREE to do so :)

    Any questions?
    Be sure to let me know!
    I want to be able to help you all out as much as possible!! :)

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