Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FREE $25 Gift Certificate from Piperlime w/order + 50% outerwear Old Navy.com!

Today is Piperlime's 4th anniversary, so with every purchase/order they are including a $25 Gift Certificate in your order.

SO, I thought I would play around with the Old Navy online 50% outerwear discount code OUTER50 AND add a cheap Piperlime item to my order.

There is also a 15% off code for Piperlime: TREAT4U – You can play around with what you want to order and try to come up with a cheaper scenario.
As for me, I added a Women's Hooded Frost Free Vest (for my daughter) and the Skip Hop Monkey Backpack (for my son) because it was the cheapest item on Piperlime that would be of use to us!! LOL J

AND I get FREE SHIPPING because I am ordering from Piperlime, too, which is one of the Gap Family stores.
(there are some CUTE Gap PJs that I have wanted for my son, that are down to $12.99…so I may try a scenario with that, too…instead of the Piperlime order, since I am not even sure I would use the $25 off…their stuff IS pretty pricey!!)

SO, here is what I came up with…my total will be $29.40 including FREE SHIP & tax. I will get a vest for my daughter and a backpack for my son and also receive the $25 Piperlime Gift Certificate.

What cheap scenario's can you come up with, with all the discount codes available?

AND REMEMBER…if you received the Gap "with a little luck" email, you can also save up to 40% on your Gap item/purchase!


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