Thursday, November 18, 2010

55¢/2 cartons of eggs! RARE Coupon!

I was hesitant to post on this awesome and RARE coupon because the last time I printed a coupon for eggs, it stated "egg coupon" where it SHOULD have stated "manufacturer coupon". Most stores WILL NOT take a coupon that says anything except 'manufacturer coupon' on it.
At least the store I tried to use that OTHER coupon in, wouldn't take it :(

This coupon is good for 55¢ off 2-one dozen cartons of eggs.
Well, I printed this one out and VOILA! It's says MANUFACTURER COUPON !!!
Which means it will be accepted anywhere that sells eggs and accepts coupons! AWESOME!

So, go print yours NOW because it won't be around long!!

Thank you to The Bargain Sleuth for the Savings!

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