Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best Buy Shop Early Save Big Event THIS WEEKEND!

WOW! ANOTHER PRE-Black Friday Sale! AND this one is Best Buy!!! AWESOME!!
Best Buy + Awesome Deals on Electronics = Me HAPPY!

Check out Best Buy's Shop Early Save BIG Event info so you can make your plans!
The sale begins TOMORROW and ends Saturday, Nov. 6

After looking at the online ad, the fine print under the laptop states that there is a minimum of 2 per store. WHAT? For real?? So our Best Buy could only have 2 in stock when they open the doors tomorrow??
I sure hope not! Hmmmm....I wonder if we were to call them, if they would tell us how many they have??

See anything worth braving the crowds for? Think there will be a crowd?
I have never shopped PRE-Black Friday Sales, so I have no idea what to expect!!!

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