Monday, November 29, 2010

The Good Samaritan of Pulaski :)

Today, my friend, Melanie asked me to pick up her girls from school in Pulaski. I had nothin' goin' on and her girls are awesome, so why not?

Well, I get into Glenbrook's parking lot and a lady pulled up beside me. She said that my back passenger tire was COMPLETELY flat.
Seriously. I HAD NO IDEA. Now, I have a 2003 Ford Windstar and it has one of those alert systems that will let me know if my tire levels are off, etc...THAT didn't even go on. It drove totally normal all the way from Oneida to Pulaski.
So, my Dad lives there so I call him...he drives over but there's not much he can do, since he has some health issues.
He told me to call my brother, too, which I do but he says he was sleeping and/or sick. Yea. Thanks Erik...I will remember that when you want another Bounce Dryer Bar or Tide for FREE!!! LOL :)

Then, this super AWESOME guy pulls up in his truck and asks if I have a spare. I said I THINK so. So, he gets on the ground and checks. Yup. I have one.
OK. So then he just starts changing my tire for me!!!!! And he did it all with a smile...seriously. This guy was just a genuinely nice guy :)
I kept thanking him like a crazy Because, really. There aren't a lot of nice people around anymore, that would just help out a stranger, KWIM?

In all the hustle, I FORGOT to get his name. My Dad even asked if he would like any money for helping me and he said..."no, no. I am just doing something nice for someone."

This is for my Pulaski friends :)
Now, I would LOVE to find this guy and maybe send him a gift card or something.
I have NO idea what his name is, but I DO know that his daughter goes to Glenbrook and I THINK she is in 1st grade. Her name is Taylor. He seemed to be MAYBE in his late 20s.
OH, and he drove a gray truck? I think. And his clothes were dirty/dingy, so I am thinking he was a mechanic?

If ANYONE can help me out and find out his name and/or address so I can send him a 'Thank You', please PLEASE Contact Me.

I really need to find this Good Samaritan of Pulaski, so that I may let him know that I really appreciate his help :)

By the way...I think the flat tire was a sign that when I left there, after High School, I shouldn't come back....LOL!!! :)


  1. What a great story. Wish there were more poeple like that, but we have a few good ones here in WI right!


  2. I felt terrible that that happened all for you to be a sweat heart and get my girls for me :) I still don't know who it was, everyone drives pretty close to the same body style of truck and haven't seen what you had said :( I still watch though. So many times people just turn their head and think, eh, not my problem! I was so so greatful that another parent/uncle/whoever was there to help you!!!

    And NO it was not a sign not to come back to Pulaski! lol silly but I think it happened there for a reason and not on 29 or County U, thank God!!! I may still ask around when I get the girls next week, when you say possible mechanic, I may have an idea, and that would explain why he changed the tire like it was nothing AND with a smile! :)

    I also do want them to know that I appreciate it too that he helped a friend of mine, when she took the time to pick up my kids from school for me :) Thx again MJ!


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