Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Target Trip 11/23: Spent $27.69 Saved $92.68 ! ! ! !

I got such a RUSH from going to Target today!
I really had NO idea how much money I would save...just that I had a boatload of coupons to use :)

I only paid $27.69 for ALL OF THIS!

So, here is my breakdown:

3 Air Wick Cherry scented candles $8.97 (2.99 each)
1 Planters Cashew halves & pieces $4.00
3 Campbell's Condensed Cream Soups $1.50 (50¢ each)
2 Baker's Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate $4.48 (2.24 each)
1 Kemp's Chocolate Milk 1/2 gallon $1.99
2 doz. eggs $1.98 (99¢ each)
4 tubs Cool Whip $3.56 (89¢ each)
2 Cuponk Games $14.00 (7.00 each)
2 Littlest Pet Shop Postcard Pets $9.06 (4.53 each)
2 Stove Top Stuffing $1.58 (79¢ each)
4 Kraft block cheese $7.20 (1.80 each)
2 packs Solo Grips Plates $5.98 (2.99 each)
2 Nabisco Crackers - Ritz & Triscuit - $4.00 (2.00 each)
2 Leap Frog Tag Reader Books $9.99 (B1G1 FREE)

Coupons used:

$3.00 Air Wick Candle x3 (from 11/14 SS insert)
$1.00 Planters printable coupon (register for Kraft First Taste)
75¢ Planters Target printable coupon
$1.50/3 Campbell's Condensed Soup printable coupon (no longer available)
$1.00/2 Baker's Chocolate printable coupon
50¢ Baker's Chocolate Target printable coupon x2
55¢/2 dozen eggs printable coupon
$1.00/2 Cool Whip printable coupon x2
50¢/2 Cool Whip Target printable coupon x2
$1.00/2 Stove Top Stuffing printable coupon
50¢/2 Stove Top Stuffing Target printable coupon
$1.00/2 Kraft Block or Shredded Cheese printable coupon x2
$1.00/2 Kraft Block or Shredded Cheese Target printable coupon x2
75¢ Solo item printable coupon x2
$1.00/2 Solo item Target printable coupon
$1.00/2 Nabisco Snack Crackers printable coupon
$1.00/2 Nabisco Snack Crackers Target printable coupon
$5.00 Leap Frog Tag Book printable coupon x2 (no longer available)
$5.00 Cuponk Target coupon (from the Target Toy Book or printable) x2
50% off 2 Littlest Pet Shop items Target coupon (from the 11/21 Target ad)

So, all in all I saved $52.33 in Manufacturer and Target Coupons. The rest of the savings came in the form of in-store savings.
SO, without coupons, My total would have been about $68.04

If you like my trip, feel free to copy it if you would like!
The sales prices end tomorrow...so hurry on over! OH, and in the food aisles of the Green Bay West location, the Stove Top and the Campbell's Cream soups shelves were BARE. BUT there were TONS when you walked in the door. (the entry doors on the cafe side)

See any other awesome Target deals? Leave a comment and let us know!!


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  2. So my Target trip, my bad... fuzzy pajama pants were $8 each and bought 3 pair, then used the $10 TQ for buy 3 pair and get $10 off. So it was only $14 for some really cool PJ pants. Right now they have the Mr Coffee coffee pot, the one we got for my mom for Christmas, isn't on sale but...at Target's coupon list there is a $10 off coupon! Go figure! I have never see a coupon for that before but the day I buy one there is a coupon for the 12 cup programmable Mr Coffee pot! Yay how exciting


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