Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Target Trip today -- Saved $97.09 :)

I spent about an hour organizing and clipping my coupons for my trip. Which is not as bad as when I do my Walgreens and CVS trips!! Well, more Walgreens because I do lots of transactions in one visit :)

OK. Getting back to Target.
I am loving Target once again. During the Summer, I DREADED finding deals at Target. They WERE NOT coupon friendly, at least not the one on Cormier (in Green Bay). I always left there feeling like I committed a crime. EVERY SINGLE coupon I used was looked over with a magnifying glass. It was NOT fun :(
BUT now...wow. A HUGE difference! I ALWAYS make sure I use the correct coupon(s) for the correct item(s). And now, the cashiers just gladly take my coupons and scan every single one. If one beeps, they look it over quick and push it through because they KNOW I have it in my cart. I even will ask them if they need me to take it out. They RARELY say yes, but just want them to know that I have NO problem waiting a few minutes for a deal!! :)
For my trip, today, I have A LOT OOP, but that is because I didn't roll my gift cards and I needed some stuff that I didn't have coupons for.

Here is a list of what I got:
(I would usually take a picture but this was A LOT of stuff!!)

2 Renuzit Cones (both free after coupons)
Rayovac Batteries D 10 pk. $9.99
Rayovac Batteries AA 18 pk. $2.49 (after $5 MQ from Shopko's Sunday ad)
(needed these for the $5 rebate)
Toy Story 3 $16.99 (after $8 coupon)
2 packs of Orbit gum 96¢ (clearance - no coupons)
2 boxes of Kraft Deluxe Mac N Cheese $1.18 (after coupons)
3 loaves of wheat bread $2.37 (after coupons)
Quaker Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal $2.15 (clearance - no coupon)
1 gallone milk $2.24
2 packs Kraft Singles
2 packs Kraft Shredded Cheese
1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese
(5 cheeses came to $3.71 after coupons)
Reach Floss (free after coupon plus 53¢ overage)
11x14 Matted Frame $9.99 (no coupon)
Chips Ahoy Cookies
Orea Cookies
(2 packages of cookies came to $3.49 after coupon)
Wheat Thins
Ritz Crackers
(2 packages of crackers for $2.00 after coupons)
4 packages Oscar Mayer Deli Sliced Lunchmeat $8.16 (after coupons)
Olay Refreshing toner $1.84 (after coupon)
Olay Foaming Face Wash $2.50 (after coupon)
10 Glade Holiday Scent 4 oz. Candles $12.50 (after coupons)
5 Glade Holiday Scented Oil Candle Refills $8.00 (after coupons)

After Coupons and plus tax my OOP Total was $96.40
At the end of my receipt, it states that I saved $97.09!!!!!!!!!!
AND I earned $20 in Target Gift Cards for the Glade and Olay!!!
I could have lowered this OOP, but I didn't feel like rolling my gift cards into more than one transaction.

Do you have any awesome Target trips you want to brag on? Leave a comment and let us know!!! :)

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