Friday, December 17, 2010

HOW Walmart West on W. Mason in Green Bay turned their EPIC FAIL into an EPIC AWESOME!

I told them I would be blogging goodness about Walmart West...and so HERE IT IS !! :)

OK. Rewind back to earlier this week when the LOCAL GREEN BAY ad was released for the HOT In-Store ONLY specials for the Playstation 3 for $299 w/$100 gift card and the Nintendo Wii for $199 w/$75 gift card...remember??? If not, check out my post HERE.

I told someone VERY close to me whom I love VERY much about this deal because "they" needed to purchase it for a Christmas gift. ("they" will have to remain anonymous just in case the person receiving this, by some WEIRD chance, would read this!! lol)

ANYWAY--"they" text me when they are in the Walmart West Green Bay store and say that they will NOT honor the $100 gift card for the PS3, because of some Fair Pricing act crap.

No No No. I was not having any of that. Especially when you GO to Walmart's website, search for YOUR LOCAL AD and WHAM...there it is in FULL COLOR. AD FOR GREEN BAY, WI 54303. STARTS 9pm FRIDAY IN STORE ONLY, SHOWING you the $100 gift card promo for the PS3 and the $75 gift card promo for the Wii.

Even though I was already in my PJs, I dropped what I was doing, got dressed and all perrtied up and head out to Walmart. Because NO WAY was I going to let them push the customers around, when it's THEIR mess, know what I mean??

I get there and there are tons of disappointed people around the stack of Playstation 3's. I tell them that I am a blogger for money saving deals, etc...for the Green Bay area (and beyond) and say that Walmart will NOT be happy to hear what I have to say, IF they do not honor their ad.

Get this. In store they had a $50 gift card with the PS3 and a MEASELY $20 gift card for the Wii.
There were MOUNDS of people around BOTH stacks at 8:30pm, just COMPLAINING about it. I went up to all of them and showed them MY screen captured print out of the ad and "the other person's" ad and told them ...OH, they WILL be honoring this! I mean, come on! The ad states...LOCAL AD FOR GREEN BAY 54303.
Lots MORE people said they even heard it on WIXX! (local Green Bay radio station)

SO, 8:45pm rolls around and the Electronics department is BOMBARDED with Managers. NOT little department managers...but the "BIG GUYS" And what do they do? They take a look at the ads (that I have shared), listen to me crab a bit and....AND they HONOR THE ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

They price-adjusted the Wii's to $144 and gave the $20 gift card and price-adjusted the PS3's down to $249 and gave the $50 gift card. I was OH SO VERY HAPPY to spread the joy to the other customers, as well :) As I was leaving, I gave my printout to a man that was there with his teenage son. They were looking at the yucky $50 gift card ad with sad looks on their faces. I went up to them, told them the story, gave them my ad and told him to FIGHT for it!!! :)

So, thank you VERY VERY MUCH Walmart West in Green Bay, WI. HUGE HUGE KUDOS to you!
(AND I hope you kept honoring your ad prices!!)

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  1. WAY TO GO! This example is why you are the best!!!:)

  2. Rock on with your bad self! That's the kindof stuff that makes my day. Is this not what we are here for? To aid our readers,family and friends of money saving deals?! I just don't understand what is wrong with businesses. You can't dupe your customers. You just can't. And you proved that. :) I'm so glad you helped. I would have done the same thing. High five girlie.



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