Tuesday, December 21, 2010

*DEAD DEAL* Buy uDraw for the Wii and get the Pictionary Wii game FREE!

This deal has now expired...just like Amazon to not give ya' any notice....hmmmph :(

Yet ANOTHER Video game type deal from Amazon!
This one, I like!
My younger daugher, Jenna, is HUUUUUUGE into Art and drawing. She is my creative one :)

Right now, you can Buy uDraw Studio for the Wii, get Pictionary Wii game FREE!
(be sure to add both, from that link, to your cart and your discount WILL show up at checkout!)

As I write up this post, the uDraw is sitting at $66.79 on Amazon. It WAS $68.99, and I am not sure if it will go up or down...Amazon is crazy like that :)

You will need to check the shipping on these items. But I am sure you would be able to upgrade from 2 day to 1 day shipping for an extra $3.99 per item...which isn't bad, IF you need it by Christmas!

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