Saturday, December 11, 2010

HOT HOT HOT! Madame Alexander Disney Princess 18" Dolls $14.99 on Amazon!

These are some HOT HOT HOT DEALS!
Especially since the regular price on these beautiful dolls is $44.95 ! ! ! has Madame Alexander Disney Princess dolls for ONLY $14.99! AND they will ship FREE with your Amazon Prime Account*
You have THREE to choose from..or buy all THREE! :)

Madame Alexander 18" Disney Princess Belle Doll $14.99
Madame Alexander 18" Disney Princess TinkerBell Doll $14.99
Madame Alexander 18" Disney Princess Ariel Doll $14.99

They look ALMOST IDENTICAL to the American Girl dolls, well...maybe just the Belle doll...I am pretty sure AG doesn't make dolls with bright yellow or bright red hair!!! LOL :)

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