Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Subscribe to my blog by Email!

Ever wanted to be able to get an email that updates you on my blog?
Well, there are a few ways...

  1. You can ALWAYS be refreshing my front blog page (but this is NOT always
  2. "Like" me on Facebook and my updates should show up on your 'Most Recent' page
  3.  NOW, you can sign up your email with my blog to get automatic updates everyday on my new blog posts!
Just follow these directions :)

Enter your email in the box and it will load up my blog feed. THEN, underneath where it says 'Subscribe Now!', one of the last options is 'Get Saving Green in the Bay delivered by email'. Click on that and VOILA! You are all set :)

Enter your email address:

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NOW, you are able to get your deals delivered EVERYDAY! :)

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