Monday, December 20, 2010

Why you should become a Facebook Fan of Saving Green in the Bay AND Follow on Twitter! :)

I am going to start a little change with my blog and posting deals.

I have noticed that once in awhile, it's pretty hard to get time-sensitive deals to my readers through the blog.
Sometimes the blog feed isn't pulled right away, sometimes the blog feed doesn't "feel" like being pulled to post on Facebook and Twitter... (don't get me started on Networked Blogs...)
ANYWAY, I have found it necessary to post time-sensitive deals on Facebook and/or Twitter instead of the Blog itself.
But DON'T worry! I will STILL post EVERY SINGLE DEAL I find on the blog. BUT if it's a deal that will only last an hour or even minutes...I will post on Facebook RIGHT AWAY.
SO, I guess you can say it will pay off to "like" Saving Green in the Bay on Facebook and also follow on Twitter.
ALL of my match-ups, weekly deals, coupons, shopping trips, clearance finds, sales, etc...will NEVER leave Saving Green in the Bay blog.

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