Saturday, February 26, 2011


(I have been away for a few days because of a family I am sorry that I am just noticing this now)

Hey everyone!
Looks like we have hit over 100 followers on Google Friend Connect!

You remember what THAT means...don't you???
One more prize will be added!

In addition to the $10 Target Gift Card, $10 Amazon eGift Card AND the $10 Groupon Credit...
I am NOW adding a $10 Papa Murphy's Gift Card!!!!

Here are the details, in case ya' forgot! :)

*When I hit 100 followers, I will add ANOTHER prize! 125...ANOTHER!!*

I have decided that since I have a TON more Facebook Fans, thanks to a Giveaway I sponsored at 5M Creations...that I should do something kinda' nice for my Google Friend Connect followers, too!

How about ummmmm....
a $10 Gift Card to Target?

Not good enough?
How about a $10 Gift Card to

Getting there???
Let's ALSO do a $10 Groupon credit!

*NOW that we have hit 100 Google Friend Connect Followers, I have added a $10 Papa Murphy's Gift Card!*

There will be 3 5 LUCKY winners at the end of the Giveaway.
One will win the Target gift card, one for the Amazon gift card, one for Groupon, one for Papa Murphy's and then 1 more for the "mystery" prize that have YET to be revealed!!!
Sound good?

As soon as I hit 150 public Google Friend Connect Followers, the Giveaway will go LIVE and I will draw up a new post where you can enter!

Any questions, just let me know!

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  1. sweet! And congrats on reaching 100!

  2. Thank you!
    I will be having awesome giveaways EVERY time I hit a "milestone" of first one will be 150. Then another at 200, then 300, 400 and so on.
    BUT I will also have TONS of Reviews and Giveaways for some AWESOME products! I am actually working on 2 right now! SO, my advice to you is to stay tuned because from the looks of it...I will be having a TON of giveaways in March!!! :)

  3. Not sure if i comment here to enter, i have never entered one of your giveaways :P but congrats on all the fans!!!

  4. Hi!
    The Giveaway is not ready, just yet ... but will be REAL soon as I have 150 Google Followers :)
    I will be posting the Giveaway in a separate WON'T be able to miss it :)

    Thank you SO much for following!!!!


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