Friday, February 11, 2011

PRINT Sonic Coupons AND Sign up for Sonic Coupons!

Do you just LOVE Sonic as much as I do?
I sure wish they would build a Sonic on the West side of Green Bay...because the trek to the East side is quite a ways for me :(

I LOVE Sonic! My favorite is the Cherry Limeade. I really think you could take away every beverage there is in the world, besides water and Cherry Limeade and I would be perfectly fine for the rest of my life :)

You can sign up for the Sonic Coupons by joining the Sonic Cruisers!
I went and typed up this post and FORGOT to put the darn coupon links in them!!! :(
Is it really Friday...and NOT Monday!??? LOL

You can print a few awesome coupons from Sonic, like Buy one, Get one FREE Sonic Burgers and 2 Corn Dogs for 99¢!!

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