Thursday, February 10, 2011

CRazY bUsY WEEK for me!

As you all know, I started the week off with a nasty migraine...then my match-ups had to suffer :(

Today, I am FINALLY finishing up my coupon organization. I am doing a combined clip and clipless method. I know, sounds weird...but you can read more about it HERE.
Another thing on my agenda for today was to clean out the corner where my old washer was.
I am sure there are a few other words that I could use, too.
We have a first floor laundry room that doubles as a full bathroom and changing room for the girls.
ANYWAY, we decided that we are going to need new flooring in there. We moved the washer and ... well, see the description
We also noticed that the washer must have leaked at some point and the floor is starting to peel up a bit :(
SO, next month we will need to get new flooring. We are also getting new flooring in the dining room, living room, hallway and girls' room.
Our house is 60+ years old, so we have been making LOTS of changes. SLOW changes, but AWESOME changes...since we bought it from Dave's mom in 2005. We have lived here since 1999 after his mom moved out, but wasn't sure on buying it then. The first thing to get done was the furnace, water heater, roof, all the windows and the ENTIRE exterior of the house. Yea...the SUPER pricey stuff!!
But thank God that it is all done. Now, we just have to worry about the flooring and some paint here or there.
And little things like new light fixtures, new outlets, etc...
By Summer our house will FINALLY be looking almost new! Inside and Out :)

OK. got off subject a bit there...
Back to the washer...
The Best Buy guys will be here between 2pm and 4pm. Nice BIG 2 hour window there.
We are giving our old washer to my sister, so her boyfriend and his friend will be here around 1:30pm to pick it up.
After having the SAME washer for the past 12 years, I am ready for a new one...and EXCITED! Yes, I am excited about a new washer...hee hee!! :)

SO, that is what I have been doing today. I will be back to my regularly scheduled coupon and deal seeking later today/this evening :)

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