Monday, March 14, 2011

Coupon Talk - Where I am HAPPY to use MY coupons...

I began this post as a Target deal post for the week, then went on rambling about stores ... SO, don't worry...I am working on the Target deals RIGHT NOW! :)

Target has always been my FAVORITE coupon store. Well, except for last Summer for a good couple of months...they were insane sticklers on their coupons and just wouldn't even bother looking at the coupons if they beeped. They would NOT accept them. NOW, 99% of the time, it was some weird glitch in their system that wouldn't accept the coupon, leaving me and TONS of other Super Couponers just frustrated!
BUT since then, I think ALL of the complaints to Target Corporate, loosened them up a bit. So, THANK YOU, TARGET, for actually accepting the coupons you are supposed to :)

AND, we CANNOT forget Walmart and their new coupon policy!
Now, when I have a bunch of Copp's Manufacturer catalinas ready to expire and I just don't have any other need to go to Copp's, I just use them at Walmart. Yes, I know. They are Manufacturer catalinas and Walmart was supposed to of taken them anyway...even BEFORE this new coupon policy. But see, EVERY TIME I tried to use them, they said...NO. WHY? Because a different store's name was listed on it. Yes, this was even during the time that they would accept competitor's coupons. I guess I just "lucked out" and got the cashier who didn't know the policy and of course it was when I didn't have the printed policy with me :(
I know better now!
I am also SO VERY HAPPY that they put a little section in their NEW policy just for the whole "overage dilemma". NOW, if you have a coupon that is actually worth MORE than the item it is for, the overage from that coupon will be applied to the rest of your order OR change will be given (if that is the only thing you are purchasing). YES. That means that Walmart will PAY you for buying the item AND using that coupon!

As for my most recent trip to Walmart, my cashier took EVERY SINGLE coupon of mine with a smile :)
She was even excited to see my end total...maybe a little bit more than I was! LOL

The 2 grocery stores in my area that I frequent are Copp's and Festival Foods.
I LOVE Copp's because of Double Daze Wednesdays and Saturdays AND when they have their General Mills or Kellogg's cereal deals, I walk out of there paying NO MORE than 40¢ for each box of cereal! (and THAT is on the high end!)
Copp's also puts out their own store coupon books, once a month, which you can stack their store coupons with manufacturer coupons!

I LOVE Festival Foods because they put out their store coupons WEEKLY and you can stack manufacturer coupons with them, as well. You can also join the Festival Foods Mobile Club! They will send you a text that includes AWESOME savings! The most recent one was Coca-Cola product 12 packs for ONLY $1.98. I had $1/2 Diet Coke 12 pack coupons to stack with that...making the 12 packs ONLY $1.48 each!
And, you CANNOT match Festival Food's Deli! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Festival Foods Deli and my mouth just waters every time I step foot in front of that HUGE, LONG Deli case.

On to the Drug Stores....
Hands down, CVS is my favorite drug store to use my coupons with. I think it mainly has to do with customer service. They are SO SOOOOO VERY HELPFUL at my local CVS. The cashiers are ALWAYS excited to see my final total, with me.
If their register beeps, or just won't take the coupon, they look at the coupon, look at the product and push the coupon through. Not sure why some coupons do that and I ALWAYS use coupons correctly (because if you don't, you are potentially ruining it for everyone...) but I am sure it's just a little glitch in their system.
As for Walgreens, if their register beeps and won't let a coupon go through...that's it. They don't take it. I have been "lucky" with one or two cashiers that will actually look at the coupon and make sure I have the correct product and will push the coupon through, but some will not. If your coupon won't work and you are working the RR deals, this can REALLY mess up your planned out transactions.

In closing, I would like to know where YOU use YOUR coupons? DO you have that ONE favorite cashier you ALWAYS look for?

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