Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stamp Out Hunger/Couponing for Community Virtual Pledge! Please help!

Please take the virtual pledge to support the Stamp Out Hunger food drive.
Remember to leave non-perishable food items for your letter carrier on Saturday, May 14th, to help Stamp Out Hunger!

I am passionate about 4 things in life.
My Faith
My Family and Friends
Helping people save money (which is why I have my blog)
Giving/Donating to those in need

I know there are MANY people who want to help those less fortunate, but don't always have the means or money to do so.
With Couponing for Community, now you can!

If you use your coupons to maximize your savings, follow my blog so I can show and tell you how to use your coupons and on what and when, you will be able to build a stockpile of the products you and your family need.
And, like me, your stockpile may get out of control and you will need to make a donation pile/basket to get rid of your excess.
I am hoping that all of you will be able to make a donation pile/basket or box (or even a trunk full!) to donate to your local church and/or pantry the week of May 8-14.
You can even leave a bag of non-perishable foods at your mailbox on Saturday, May 14. Your mail carrier will then pick up the items that will be disbursed to food pantries in YOUR area!

Share this with your family and friends. Get everyone involved to help the people who really need it right now :)

"When I am blessed beyond what I need, the extra is not for me but for someone in need"

So, What will all of YOU be doing to help Coupon for YOUR Community and Stamp Out Hunger?

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  1. could not have said it better! You have such a but heart Mary Jo!

  2. Uhhh...I sure hope you meant big heart...not but!!! :)


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