Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stamp Out Hunger TODAY!

Today is the day that we all can STAMP OUT HUNGER and leave a bag full of non-perishables AND personal care items at our mailbox.
Our letter carriers or other AWESOME volunteers will scoop them up throughout the day.

Most people don't donate personal care products because when you think of a FOOD Pantry, it's just that. A FOOD PANTRY. BUT, the people who use the food pantries also need personal care items as well as food. Most can't even afford a simple tube of toothpaste or a stick of deodorant. They go day to day making decisions on whether to pay the bills or the rent/mortgage or buy laundry soap so their kids can go to school with clean clothes; or a gallon of milk so their kids can have cereal before school in the morning.

Look around you. Look at your freezer full of food, your cupboard full of soup, cereal, snacks...your laundry room has laundry soap, your bathroom cupboard is home to plenty of deodorant and shampoo for your family.
Why not go shopping for a family in need and buy double of what you usually buy for YOUR family and give it to a struggling neighbor, co-worker or friend? OR even just drop it off at your local church or pantry.

So get a bag or even a box together and leave it at your mailbox before your mail carrier delivers your mail.
Come on! We ALL can give a few things! I know we can! :)

Today also marks the end of Couponing for Community.
I hope you ALL visited the Couponing for Community Facebook page and added your donations to the progress tab on the left side.
This was a WONDERFUL week for all of us couponers to get out there and use our coupon skills to purchase things for those less fortunate.
I hope you all were able to give to your neighbors, church or pantry.

And always remember this:

"When I am blessed beyond what I need, the extra is not for me but for someone in need"

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