Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walgreens Helpful Hints :)

I found Walgreen's Coupon Policy on their website. It has LOTS of helpful information for us couponers :)
Check it out HERE

I am sure many of you have questions about Walgreen's Register Rewards (RR's) program, so I have put together a little "how to" for you :)

How It Works

What are the Walgreens Register Rewards?
Register Rewards are catalina coupons that print out from a catalina machine after your transaction is completed. They only print for you, if you make the required purchases.
(check the weekly ad)

The RR's can be used on almost anything in the store, except Tobacco/Alcohol products, Prescriptions, Lottery Tickets, can find the complete list in their Coupon Policy.
If you want to "roll" your RR's, you should not buy the same item that you earned with the RR that you are using to pay with. But I will talk about that more below :)

Here is an example:  
I purchased an Herbal Essences Shampoo and earned a $2 RR. If I would use THAT $2 RR on ANOTHER bottle of Herbal Essences, another RR would NOT print.
Also, I have found that if you buy one P&G (Procter & Gamble) item and earn an RR, you can't roll that RR into another/more RR's for a P&G product. Now, this doesn't happen all the time, but for me, it's just safer to avoid using RR's that I have earned on P&G products, to pay for other P&G products.

RR's DO expire. It is usually 2 weeks from the date that you earned them. Watch the dates so you don't lose out on that "free money"!

How do you know what products to buy to earn RR's?

All you have to do is check the Walgreens Weekly Ad.

It will usually say something like this...
Sale Price $5.99 REGISTER REWARDS Good on next purchase $5 - Like Paying .99

Now, you will initially have that $5.99 OOP, but you will get a $5 RR that you can use for your 2nd transaction OR for another day.

Are there limits placed on the number of RR’s you can receive for specific items?
You can only purchase one RR item per transaction. For instance, if Pantene Shampoo is on sale with RR's, you can only buy one bottle per transaction. If you were to buy 2 in the same transaction, only 1 RR would print.

Walgreen’s technically does not set limits for earning RR’s on certain products. It would be difficult for them to do this because, unlike CVS, you do not have a store card for them to know what you have purchased during the course of the week.
However, this is one reason why you can’t use the same RR you received for the purchase of a product to buy another of the same product. This is Walgreen’s attempt to limit the number of RR deals per person.

What is the best way to spend my Register Rewards?
You can either use them for whatever you need or save them (make sure you use them by the expiration date) to use on products to earn more RR's.
Since RR’s typically have a short expiration period, I personally tend to do multiple transactions in one trip. But if there is a line of people stacking up behind me, I will usually let the others go first and then get back in line to do my 2nd transaction.
Or you could check out at the Beauty Counter, there is never a line there :)

Have a question about the RR program? Please contact me at I will help you as much as I can!! (and I am HAPPY to do so!)

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