Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coupons not ringing up correctly at Target???

Be on the lookout!
I have known about this for awhile, now and I am finally glad to see that something is being done about it.

A couple weeks ago, at the Target in Delafield, WI, (while I was visiting my sister...)
the registers would only subtract 4¢ off my Olay Body Wash, when the coupon was actually for $1.50 off!!!
The cashier TRIED to correct it and when she did, the register shut itself down! So, we moved to the next register and it happened AGAIN! She tried to fix it and WHAM...the register shut down!

So the manager had to ring me up at the service desk and just gave me the $$ for my coupons.
What a hassle!!!
But, thanks to The Bargain Sleuth, you all can read up a little bit more on this subject. Hopefully, they get it fixed soon!
In the meantime, PLEASE watch your receipts!! If you don't get the correct amount off for your coupons, tell the service desk right away!! :)

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