Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Copp's Double Double Daze Trip -- 96¢ OOP!

I couldn't get out of the house today, until after I put the little guy to I finally got to Copp's around 9pm.
I was worried that they may not have any of the stuff on my list, since everything I got was super cheap, after doubled coupon!!
BUT, I made out like a bandit and LOVE that my OOP was only 96¢!!!
You could even say that it was $0, since I had a Lottery Ticket that I won $2 on and I cashed that in at the service I paid my total with 96¢ of that :)

OK, so here is what I came home with and a breakdown of my purchases and total:

2 gallons Roundy's Skim Milk -- $4.38
1 Simply Orange OJ (single serve) -- $1.29 ($1.00 q from Simply's FB page)
2 bags of Nestle Crunch Fun Size Candy Bars -- $3.96 ($1.00/2 Nestle Fun sz. bags mq)
2 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer Meals -- $5.98 (2 $1.00/1 HC Fresh Mixers mq)
2 boxes Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa -- $2.50 (50¢/2 Swiss Miss Cocoa mq)
2 cans of Chef Boyardee -- $2.00
1 can of Wolf Chili -- $1.25 (50¢ Wolf Chili mq)
2 Kid Cuisine Frozen Meals -- $3.50 ($1.00/2 Kid Cuisine Meals mq)
2 bottle of Wisk Laundry Detergent -- $9.98 (2 $2.00/1 Wisk Detergent mq)
1 Colgate Kid's Toothbrush -- $1.98 ($1.00/1 Colgate Toothbrush mq)
1 Sure Deodorant -- $2.00 ($1.00/1 Sure Deodorant mq)
1 Bayer Children's Aspirin -- $2.59 ($1.98 Copp's store q and $1.00 Bayer Aspirin mq)
TOTAL (before coupons, tax)  $41.41
TOTAL (after coupons, catalinas + tax)  96¢ 

I used 2 Free milk catalinas from the Pillsbury refrigerated cooke dough promo, 1 Free Nestle candy catalina from the California Pizza Kitchen promo, $10.00 OYNO catalina from the General Mills promotion and couple weeks back, and a $1.50 catalina from buying 2 Slim-Fast snack bar packages.
Then  (of course) the coupons mentioned earlier...
AND, I earned a $5 OYNO Catalina for purchasing $15 or more of participating products from the Mealtime made Simple Promo!

After an hour of proper planning and coupon searching, I had it figured out, down to the cent what my OOP was going to be. I didn't even bring ANY money with me. Just that $2 instant win scratch off ticket that I cashed in! LOL

Just wanted to share my finds with you, and to let you all know that YOU TOO can shop for FREE! :)

How was your doubles trip this week?? What do you plan on getting Saturday??


  1. I got 20 bags of Halls for 80 cents. I had the 88 cent newspaper-only coupon which had a limit of four (and I had two coupons so I did two transactions). I also had 10 BOGO tear-offs I grabbed from KMart and Shopko the past few weeks knowing I could find the drops cheaper elsewhere. Since regular price was 98 cents for the bags and the cashier entered the coupon amount manually, the FREE coupons DOUBLED giving me 16 bags for free. I had four bags of Wild Cherry cough drops that were on clearance for 40 cents each and used the remaining BOGOs. We are all stocked for winter coughs! Oh, also got a dozen Creamette Quick Cook pastas for about a buck, they were BOGO at $1.09 each and I had six 50 and 55 cent off coupons that doubled. Gotta love double coupon day!

  2. YES! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Double Daze at Copp's.
    I am so happy that we have a store that doubles. I was just so dang jealous to hear my friends from other states brag about their store doubles...then I remembered.."HEY! I have a store that doubles!!!" LOL
    I JUST started shopping at Copp's every Wednesday and Saturday...probably in September.
    But the deals that I walk out of there with...MY GOSH! I just hope more people can take advantage of these deals by reading our blogs :)


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