Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot Deal Update at Toys R Us :) *no longer available*

I went into my Toys R Us to get this deal to save for my son's birthday, and the associate pointed out that there is a $4 off MQ on the box of the Tag Reader.
It is a MQ for $4 off when you buy the Toy Story Tag Reader kit AND a Toy Story Tag Reader book!
When you combine that with the $5/$25 Toys R Us coupon, it's like you are getting the book for FREE!

My total for the Toy Story 3 Tag Reader & Bonus Book Kit AND the Toy Story 3 "Together Again" Tag Book, after the sale price and both coupons, was $32.90 (incl. 5.5% tax)

Our local Toys R Us, in Green Bay, had about 5 left of these this evening at 9pm.
You may want to call and make sure they still have some before you make the trip :)

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