Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today is Wednesday DOUBLE DAZE at Copp's!

What will YOU be stocking up on?

I have over $23.00 in OYNO Catalina's that I need to use...OH...and 2 Free gallons of milk!
I have my rainchecks for the Simply....refrigerated Cookie Dough and Special Moments desserts from Pillsbury, I will also receive the free gallon of milk instantly with those, too!
Even though the sale ended last Saturday, since I have those rain checks, I still get the sale price, I still get to double the coupons (AND they won't count against my 5 limit!!), AND I still get the FREE gallon of milk!

RAINCHECKS can be your BEST FRIEND!!! :)

I will use my rainchecks and probably go in for the Heinz Gravy deal. This will REALLY help out my church pantry for the upcoming Holidays!

So what are you looking forward to buying? Or should I say...getting for cheap or FREE?

Not sure? Well, you can check out the match-ups for the week HERE!

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