Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get the Target Debit Card and ALWAYS save 5% on instore purchases!

Have I been living under a rock?
Man! I had NO idea that Target offered a DEBIT CARD!!
I guess it works JUST like your bank/credit union's Check/Debit Card.
The Target Debit Card is tied to your Checking Account.
While I was at Target today, the lady in front of me paid with it and was RAVING about it.
So, I got home, did some digging and found the info. on the Target website.
You save 5% on ALL of your purchases in-store AND 1% of your purchases goes toward the school of your choice!

Check out the Rewards and Benefits of the Target Debit/Check Card.
You can only apply for it in-store OR you may print out the application and send it in.

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  1. Too funny--I just posted something on my kids' school page tonight reminding parents of this. Yes, we've had the debit card for several years. Only bummer is that the check card can NOT be used online.


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