Friday, November 19, 2010

It's a PILLOW! It's a PET! It's a PILLOW PET for $10.99 SHIPPED!

Race on over to and search PILLOW PETS to snag yours for $10.99 SHIPPED!

It states that they are $11.99, but there is an instant coupon savings attached to them and the $1.00 will come off when you choose your Pillow Pet and add them to your cart!

MANY to choose from!
Brown Bear
Cream Dog
Pink Bunny
Red Ladybug
Tan Cat
White Panda

What an AWESOME Savings on these HOT HOT HOT Holiday gifts for the Kiddo's on your shopping list!

But HURRY! Not sure How long this deal will LAST!

*these are not the pillow pets you see on TV, BUT they are very, VERY similar...with a deal like this, you just can't pass it up!*

Thanks to She Saved for this awesome savings!


  1. Not the OFFICIAL Pillow Pets (these are Cuddlee Pet Pillows) but a great deal nonetheless! Thanks for posting

  2. Oh, super-bummed. used to be linked with Amazon so you could actually purchase THROUGH the Amazon site AND use gift card balances. I did that this summer but looks like they have new owners or something and aren't partnered with Amazon. :-(

  3. I was going to get Jackson one, but the boy has so many darn Build-A-Bears and he has the Bee Pillow Pet, so I think I can pass on it. lol
    But yes, not the ORIGINAL Pillow Pet, but a very, very close ALMOST Pillow pet! LOL


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