Friday, November 5, 2010

Save $5 off $25 at Build A Bear thru 12/24!

WAY back when Build A Bear started the Rudolph "craze", my oldest daughter just HAD to have one. Although many, many years have passed and Rudolph's nose isn't so shiny anymore and she is now 15...she STILL loves her Rudolph :)

And now YOU can save $5 off of your $25 or more purchase at Build A Bear!
Rudolph is $23 and so is Clarice. You can add the Rudolph music/sound for $6.00 and then use this coupon and save $5. SO, it's like you are only paying $1 for the sound!
I recommend getting the sound. My daughter did and I believe it's still working :)

The coupon is NOT a one-time use. You can print more than one, but you are only able to use one per person, per visit.

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