Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How was YOUR Christmas?

Mine was INSANELY Busy!
I thought I would share some pictures with you all AND also a link to YouTube to view one of my Christmas presents...it's actually my favorite...AND the reason why I had to take a few days off of blogging, I will explain more later :)

Christmas Eve, we did our usual family Christmas with my Grandma, my aunts, uncles and cousins. My Grandma had 9 kids, so yea. LOTS of people :)
After that, we came home got the kids to bed and got busy wrapping. Well, me and my brother-in-law wrapped gifts, Dave had to put the Imaginarium Train Table together for Jackson...but he helped me when he was done.
Then it was CHRISTMAS MORNING! EVERYONE was up by 7:30am and so the unwrapping began!
The first thing ANYONE saw as they either came down the hall or down the steps was this...

Jackson's BIG Christmas gift :)
(Every year, we buy our kids one BIG gift and a few other "smaller" gifts.)
He just LOVES it!
As for the girls, they each got their own Netbook...so now I won't have to share my laptop.
They did have another laptop in their room, but it's ready to call it a day...lol...it is 5 years old and SUUUUUPER slow.

 Jenna's always a good sport in letting me take her picture...Haley...not so much...

...and yes. That Lots O' Huggin' Bear is for my 15 year old daughter! LOL
It was on her list and I kept telling her there was NO WAY I was buying a kid's stuffed animal for a 15 year old...but I caved anyway :) I am sucha' sucker!
And, Jackson's, mom's and dad's BIG gift was the Red Wii. We have the white one, but it's in the girl's room and not too easily accessible for Jackson :(
Jackson LOVES to play the Wii and the girls, of course, don't really like him in their room, so I only saw it fitting to buy another. This way, we ALL can play and not have to hang out in our teen-age daughters' bedroom to play it!

Around 12-1pm, my family began to arrive and we all exchanged our gifts, the kids played on the Wii.
BUT, what Thyes (my maiden name) Christmas Celebration is complete without Snowmobiles??? LOL!
So my brother, my nephew, my brother-in-law and my daughter...yes...my Haley, all tore up my yard with Snowmobiles. But they had a good time doing it and that is all that matters :)
My brother's Snowmobile is heavily modded to go faster and to be louder...ahhhh...boys and their toys....

Now, my WHOLE YARD (which is pretty darn big...about 5 acres) looks like a Snowmobile Rally was held here!! LOL!

OK. Now, on to what I got for Christmas :)
Dave and the kids got me my perfume, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE this stuff. They got me this last year, for the first time, and I just fell in love with the scent. It only lasted me 11 months, so I will cherish this bottle...in hopes it will last until next Christmas :)

On to my FAVORITE Christmas gift from my kids and my super creative husband :)
I do have to tell you that the 3 times this was played on our Apple TV on Christmas Day, I bawled my eyes out.
It is an AMAZINGLY Creative music video that my husband made ENTIRELY on his iPhone 4. Yes. THE WHOLE THING! The pictures, the video...the editing...ALL done on the iPhone 4, along with the iMovie app.

I am very, VERY Blessed to have these 4 people in my life and in my family :)
I hope you ALL had a wonderful and loving Christmas and I hope and pray you ALL will have a WONDERFUL New Year !

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